Civil Practice

The Civil Division of the Champaign County Prosecutor’s Office advises county elected officials, including the Commissioners, Treasurer, Auditor, Sheriff, Coroner, Engineer, Clerk of Courts and Boards of Township Trustees.  These officials and agencies are set by statute as essentially the only “clients” the office may have.  The civil division is not authorized to give legal opinions to individual citizens on private matters.

Representation of public offices takes two primary forms.  The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office directly represents the officials and agencies, acting as legal counsel during the negotiation or evaluation of contracts, advising them on specific legal matters, and prosecuting or defending actions involving the officials in state or federal court.  Additionally, the Prosecutor’s Office is often called upon to render a legal opinion as to a certain action or issue an official or agency is contemplating.  In these instances, the Prosecutor will research the issue and prepare a written opinion, setting out the office’s position on the issue and the legal basis for its advice.

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