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Thank you for visiting the website of the Champaign County Prosecutor’s Office. Kevin S. Talebi is currently serving his four-year term as the elected Champaign County Prosecuting Attorney. 

Ohio law authorizes the County Prosecuting Attorney to prosecute all criminal conduct occurring in Champaign County. The Champaign County Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes cases involving adult felony and associated misdemeanor offenses, and juvenile delinquency matters that would be felony or misdemeanor criminal offenses if committed by an adult.

In addition to its criminal prosecution responsibilities, the County Prosecutor’s Office is also responsible for representing the legal interests of all county and township elected officials, all county departments, and all county boards. As their legal counsel, the Prosecuting Attorney provides legal advice and acts upon their direction regarding any legal issue they determine to pursue or defend.

The Champaign County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is composed of three main divisions, the Criminal Division, Juvenile Division, and Civil Division, and consists of the elected county prosecutor, four assistant county prosecutors, two victim advocates and one office administrator. Learn more about us here.

Victim Witness Services

Under Ohio law, victims of crime have certain rights.  This section will inform you of those rights and outline the process involved in the prosecution of criminal cases.

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